Kevin Hart Shares Bizarre Story About Smoking With Snoop Dogg On "Soul Plane" Set

Hart really stretched the definition of smoking "with" Snoop.

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Soul Plane is something of a cult classic. Released in 2004, the film followed the wacky hijinks aboard the maiden flight of a newly-formed, Black-centric airline. Directed by music video director Jessy Terrero, the film had a surprisingly stacked cast. Snoop, Godfrey, Missi Pyle, and Mo'Nique are just some of the big-name performers in the film. Of course, the film is helmed by then-25-year-old Kevin Hart. It was Hart's first leading role after some brief TV appearances and small roles in Scary Movie 3 and Along Came Polly.

Despite later achieving cult classic status, critics and audiences hated Soul Plane. It holds an 18% critics rating on Rotten Tomatoes, along with a 51% audience rating. Most saw it as a lazy riff on Airplane! that did little in the way of originality with the premise. Furthermore, the film failed to make back its $16 million budget, only making $14.8 million at the box office. However, the film did also spawn a very weird story about Kevin Hart trying to smoke weed with Snoop.

Kevin Hart's Pandemic Weed Story Resurfaces

"Here's how I knew Snoop was a professional smoker," Hart began. "Snoop had this thing in the room that took the smoke out the room. Basically, the machine eat the smoke and shoot it out its ass." Hart then proceeds to tell a very long-winded, and pretty unfunny story, about Snoop seeming to have gotten high very quickly. Also Hart reveals that he didn't actually smoke the weed because the reaction of the other people in the room had freaked him out. It's just a truly bizarre story.

However, it must be a slow news day for the likes of DJ Akademiks because this isn't a new Kevin Hart story. In fact, this story is several years old and was originally posted during the pandemic. This is one of those "celebrities got a little bit of cabin fever in lockdown and just started posting the most random stuff on social media." But yeah, Kevin Hart didn't smoke with Snoop. He just sorta chilled with Snoop while Snoop and others smoked.


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