Tyler, the Creator shocked everyone this year after he dropped his critically acclaimed album Flower Boy. It was a departure from his previous albums and showed a new level of maturity in his music. It blatantly showcased his jazz influences to an extent that wasn’t heard on his other projects. One of the stand-out tracks was the Kali Uchis assisted, “See You Again”. Last week they performed the song on Jimmy Fallon. Today, Tyler hit Twitter with another rendition of the song. 


Tyler took to Twitter today to post an acoustic rendition of his latest single, “See You Again.” The video features both himself and Kali Uchis sitting by a piano while they perform with no backtrack or microphones to aid them. Tyler raps, sings and plays the piano simultaneously throughout the video while Kali Uchis chimes in during her part. It brings another vibe to the song while maintaining the same emotion and feel that he had on the recorded version.

He previously performed the song on Jimmy Fallon last week. He was also accompanied by Kali Uchis as well as a string section and members of the Roots. The song was taken to a new height as Tyler not only had live instruments during the performance but also a compelling visual set behind him.

It seems like a few months after the album dropped, that the song is beginning to form a life of it’s own. The song has been getting spun on hip hop and R&B radio throughout the country. A few days a go, he tweeted saying that his goal for the week was to catch the song on the radio. A day later, he tweeted “i just heard “see u again” on the radio and started crying tears of joy omg.” He followed that tweet by saying that he’s never got radio play because his music was “too weird” but he finally made it on the radio while still maintaining his weirdness.

Check the tweets below:


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