Usher Responds To Nia Long's Tweet About Missing His Las Vegas Residency

Nia will have to wait until February 11, 2024.

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The City Of Las Vegas Honors Usher During Special Presentation

Usher's My Way vegas residency has recently come to an end, and many people are feeling the sadness of not having had a chance to attend. In an unexpected turn of events, Usher and actress Nia Long found themselves at the center of a Twitter encounter that has left fans guessing about the R&B icon's next move. It all started when Nia Long shared her only regret of the year on Twitter: "My only regret this year is missing @Usher in Vegas (sad eyes emoji)." Little did she know, Usher himself would step into the conversation. Usher responded to Nia's regret, stating, "Don't worry, I'll be back in Vegas on 2/11 (winky face emoji)." However, the plot thickened as fans dissected the message, realizing that his mention of February 11 coincided with the date of the Super Bowl. Not a continuation of his recently concluded My Way residency in Las Vegas, as some may have hoped.

The intriguing exchange left fans in a state of curiosity, with many trying to figure out Usher's intentions. Was he hinting at an unexpected encore in Vegas, or was he slyly redirecting attention to his upcoming Super Bowl halftime show? Nia Long's tweet resonated with fans who understood the feeling of missing out on Usher's Vegas residency. After all, there were several, several iconinc moments that came out of his residency. To name a few, the time he had a playful moment with Keke Palmer, the time 21 Savage joined Usher for a rendition of "My Boo," or the time he brought out Nas to perform with him. The memories are countless.

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Usher Teases Next Performance

Moreover, Usher even broke down into tears during the final night of the show. However, as discussions unfolded on social media platforms, fans grappled with the uncertainty surrounding Usher's cryptic message. Could there be a surprise return to the Vegas stage, or is Usher strategically building hype for a show-stopping Super Bowl performance? "That’s the date of the superbowl," one fan wrote in the comments. "He trolling y’all… He talking about his SuperBowl performance," another said.

Well, one thing's for certain. Usher is performing at the Super Bowl next year, and it does happen to land on that date. In recent interviews, he expressed his excitement. Usher stated, "Thirty years ago I made a commitment to offer my best," he said in a previous interview. "And here 30 years later now, it's being rewarded with one of the most prestigious performances and stages anybody could ever play on." He also was surprised with a custom jacket, from Victoria Monet, in celebration of his upcoming Super Bowl LVIII halftime performance. Are you excited to see Usher take the stage in February? Let us know your thoughts on HNHH!

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