Sexyy Red Is 2023's Hip-Hop MVP

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Sexyy Red killed it this year.

Coming into this year, Sexyy Red was relatively unknown. Although she certainly had fans and a following on social media, she didn't have mainstream appeal. However, that is not to say that she hadn't been trying to make it big. A deep dive on her YouTube channel will show songs and performances from as old as five years ago. These efforts were getting a respectable amount of attention for someone with very little backing. That said, things took an exceptional turn when she dropped "Pound Town" in January of 2023.

Sexyy Red Gets A Hit

"My coochie pink, my booty hole brown," are lyrics that can be traced back to the moment Sexyy Red became a superstar. The song was a viral hit that was shocking to a lot of people. Subsequently, hip-hop purists called her "trash" and bemoaned about the death of the genre. However, casual listeners were captivated by her confidence and her visceral raps. Each bar took you on a journey and you didn't know where she would go next.

While the flows may be a bit questionable at times, they were filled to the brim with personality. The lyrics were so raunchy that even Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion could be seen as "prude." Overall, "Pound Town" was the catalyst for a movement defined by the likes of Sexyy and one of her best industry friends, Sukihana.

Hood Hottest Princess Does Numbers

All too often, these kinds of viral songs can lead to artists becoming one-hit wonders. In the eyes of many, Sexyy was destined for that kind of fate. However, this was a complete misread of both her talent and her charisma. As we have seen with another fellow newcomer, Ice Spice, having a great personality goes a long way. It can draw in a stable fanbase while also giving other artists a reason to work with you. When your energy is right, you can make anything happen. That is exactly what Sexyy Red did, to perfection.

Over the ensuing months, she would drop songs like "Hellcats SRTs" and "SkeeYee." Furthermore, she even got a feature from Nicki Minaj with "Pound Town 2." These tracks found their footing on the album Hood Hottest Princess. While it may not have had the same kind of sales numbers as a Utopia or a For All The Dogs, this is an album that made its impact in clubs, bars, and most importantly, cars around America. "SkeeYee" became the anthem of the New York Jets while "Hellcats SRTs" is a mainstay in the club. These tracks are played at sporting events and have taken on a life of their own.

Not to mention, Sexyy also got invited to finish off Drake's tour as the opening act. A co-sign from Drake can change your life and Sexyy certainly took advantage. Immediately after going on tour with Drake, she decided to book her own solo tour which sold out within minutes. It was yet another example of Sexyy's reach and her appeal to the broader masses. In just a few short months, she was able to accomplish something a lot of major artists are still struggling to figure out.

Sexyy Red's MVP Case

The aforementioned tour has begun and despite being pregnant, Sexyy continues to perform. Her work ethic is second to none, and she will stop at nothing to give the fans what they paid for. Overall, this is one of the many reasons why were are crowning Sexyy Red as the Hip-Hop MVP of 2023. Sure, there are plenty of names we could have chosen instead. For instance, some would say it is Lil Yachty. With "Poland," and Let's Start Here taking him to new heights, some feel like Yachty is at the top of his career. However, Yachty did not keep it strictly hip-hop this year. How can someone be a Hip-Hop MVP when they denigrate the genre any chance they get?

There are also artists like Ice Spice, Drake, Veeze, and perhaps even Travis Scott who could be considered here. In Drake's case, For All The Dogs did not land like fans hoped it would. Meanwhile, Utopia was way too polarizing to be considered an Album Of The Year contender. As for Veeze, well, one could argue he is the runner-up here. Ganger was an incredible body of work and his tour has also been an amazing success. However, when it comes down to it, Sexyy Red truly checked all of the boxes this year.

Moving Forward

Whether it be her constant stream of hits, her nearly flawless album, or the successful tour stops she has made, Sexyy has shown us all that she has what it takes to be successful for a long time. While the haters and discourse havers will continue to minimize her success, it's important to keep things in focus. Zoom out and take a look at the entire music landscape of 2023. You will be hard-pressed to find an artist who had a better year than Sexyy.

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