"The Rap Game" Season 4 Stars: Where Are They Now?

The youngins of ‘The Rap Game’ season 4 have diversified their portfolios since leaving the show.

BYDemi Phillips
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the rap game season 4

Season 4 of Lifetime’s reality TV show, The Rap Game, had a fair amount of highlights. From beef between contestants to music videos with the multitalented Keke Palmer, the season was fun to watch. Moreover, the contestants also brought a heap of talent to the show. There were dancers and singers, not to mention future actors on board the program. But what have these teenage contestants been up to since they left the show?  

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Street Bud (Jeremiah)

Street Bud was the winner of the fourth season of The Rap Game. While this contributed to his fame and shot his rap career forward, the Atlanta-based MC was already famous before winning the show. In 2016, two years before the reality show, he released his debut album, Get Cha Mind Right. After winning The Rap Game in late 2018, Street Bud became even more popular and secured a deal with Atlanta record label Quality Control. That same year, he appeared on the label’s compilation project, Control the Streets Volume 2. This served as the stepping stone for new singles, as well as an album in 2020. 

This 2020 album was Street Bud’s second album, and it featured hits like “Open House” ft. Quavo and “What’s The Move.” Since 2020, he has not released another project, but he has multiple singles in his name. Furthermore, he has garnered millions of streams on various platforms. However, his most streamed song on Spotify to date is “Open House” with over four million streams.

Lil Bri (Brianna Burns) 

Lil Bri has starred in reality TV shows: The Rap Game and The Four. She starred in the latter in 2018, the same year The Rap Game season 4 ended. Since then, Lil Bri has released multiple singles with thousands of Spotify streams. “I Deserve” and “I Should Have Cheated” are some of her biggest records yet. Today, Lil Bri still maintains an active social media presence, sporting close to 300k followers on Instagram. She uses the platform to keep her fans abreast of the latest happenings in her career. 

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Jordan Air Young (Jordan Young)

After leaving The Rap Game in 2018, Jordan Air Young put out some notable songs like “Tell Me What It Takes” and “CRASH & BURN.” He also continued to put out singles until 2021, when he released his first EP, 4 UR LATE NITES. Since 2021, the Los Angeles-based rapper has not released any music. However, he recently surprised his fans by announcing that he’d be dropping new music soon, alluding to a “body of work” on an Instagram post. So, it’s safe to say Jordan Air Young has a new project in the works. 

Rap-Unzel (Brazil Barber)

Rap-Unzel took her time between starring in The Rap Game and releasing music. She released one single every year from 2017 to 2021, with the exception of 2020. In 2021, she finally put out her first EP, titled Pun Intended. In an interview with Forbes, Rap-Unzel explained that this project should have come earlier, but as an independent artist, she had financial limitations. However, she was happy she took her time because those two years she spent working on Pun Intended allowed her to grow and make necessary changes to her craft. Since Pun Intended, Rap-Unzel has only released one single, “F ‘Em.” However, she has been up to other projects. For example, she has been partnering with brands like Hanes. She also makes content on Instagram, where she has over 200k followers. 

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Ricci Bitti (Lyric Thomas)

Ricci Bitti dropped a few singles after The Rap Game, season four. She had hits like “Ooh Wooh” and “Squares Can’t Fit in My Circle.” Coming from a family of entertainers, she was exposed to showbiz from a very young age. However, as time went on, her passions seemed to change, and she became more inclined towards acting and social media influencing. Ricci Bitti now goes by her real name, Lyric Thomas, and it is pretty uncertain whether she will drop new music anytime soon. 


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