"The Rap Game" Season 3 Stars: Where Are They Now?

Season 3 of “The Rap Game” also featured some interesting celebrity cameos.

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the rap game season 3

In usual The Rap Game fashion, season 3 had a great deal of talent and drama. Furthermore, with appearances by artists like Kelly Rowland and Rick Ross, they tapped plenty of legends to mentor the new generation of talent. In an action-packed season, the rap battles between contestants were far more dynamic. The Rap Game introduced talents like Latto and J.I. The Prince Of NY to the public. So naturally, the stakes were high for the new crop of youngsters aiming to break into the music industry.

The different contestants brought a great deal of talent and drive to the show. Moreover, they all showed some promise, both in rap and other areas of showbiz. Over 13 episodes, we saw them go head to head for the crown and a record deal with Jermaine Dupri’s So So Def label. So, what have the contestants from season 3 of The Rap Game been up to since they left the show? Let’s find out!

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Nova (Julio Franceschi) 

Nova, whose real name is Julio Franceschi, won season 3 of The Rap Game. Some months after the show, he released his single, “Stay Over” ft. Jacquees, which displays his dexterity and unique rap style. After the song, Nova also released other songs in 2017 – “Go Harder” and “Riding My Wave.” In 2020, Nova came back with a new album titled The Quarantine. He uploaded the project on YouTube, where his channel has more than 100k subscribers. 

The Pennsylvania native’s most popular songs have hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify. Today, Nova regularly releases videos of himself performing on Instagram, but he has not officially released a lot of music since 2020. The reality TV show star has close to 500k followers on Instagram, and he teases a comeback from time to time. He is also known to have been in a relationship with fellow The Rap Game star Nia Kay in 2017. 

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Deetranada (Diamond Barmer)

Deetranada is a Baltimore-based rapper who has been uploading music onto social media platforms since she was a child. After finishing as a runner-up on The Rap Game, she released Adolescence Swim. Since then, she has put out multiple albums (seven are available on Apple Music). Deetranada’s most streamed song on Spotify, “ATTITUDE!” is off her 2019 album, DEEvsEVERYBODY!, and it has over one million streams. Most recently, she unloaded her latest album, Nada. She also uploads her music on YouTube, where she has close to 200k subscribers. 

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King Roscoe (Al’Dreco Booker)

King Roscoe did not wait long to utilize the fame that season 3 of The Rap Game afforded him. He collaborated with the show’s winner, Nova, on a track titled “Add It Up.” He also released “No L’s Round Here” and his EP, Highly Underrated in the same year. Many of his subsequent releases have been on YouTube, rather than on conventional streaming platforms. 

Since 2022, King Roscoe has released music under the name Dreek Jones. His most recent project, Dreek Jones, came out this year, and it comprises eight songs. This marked his first full-length release on streaming platforms under his new moniker.

Flau’jae (Flau’jae Johnson)

Flau’jae is currently a student-athlete at LSU, where she plays basketball. At this point in her career, she seems to be as popular for being a baller as she is for being a rapper. After starring in The Rap Game season 3 in 2017, she released multiple singles, including “Can You Hear Me Now” and “Why Dey Hatin.” She has also continued to put out music, releasing singles and projects over the years. 

Flau’jae’s most recent project is titled 4 My Fans. Evidently, her fans loved it, as it has hundreds of thousands of plays across streaming platforms. Currently signed to Roc Nation, Flau’jae seems to be juggling rap and basketball just fine. The LSU athlete was also dubbed the 2023 SEC Freshman of the Year. According to USAToday, she also helped her team secure their first national championship. 

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Tally (Talia Sagginario)

Tally was a part of the second and third seasons of The Rap Game. In the second season, however, she was eliminated in the first episode. Tally came back for the third season but left again in the 12th episode. Since that time, she has rebranded as a beauty and fashion influencer. She recently got married and went on a honeymoon to Mexico. Earlier in her career, not long after leaving The Rap Game, Tally formed 2XO with her sister. Together, they created “Summer Love” and “Blame It on You.” However, the duo has not put out any music in a while. 


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