Tootie Raww Expresses Frustration With NBA Youngboy Over Uncleared Feature: "F**k YB"

Like father, like son.

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Boosie Badazz's son, Tootie Raww, took to Instagram Live to vent his frustration with NBA Youngboy for not clearing a feature. The young artist didn't hold back. In fact, he expressed his discontent and making it clear that he was not pleased with the situation. In the candid Instagram Live session, Tootie Raww didn't think twice before stating, "YB ain't clear my feature. I don't really f**k with that n***a either. I don't respect it." The bold statement indicates a level of disappointment and possibly strained relations between the two artists.

The music industry is no stranger to complications surrounding feature clearances. And Tootie Raww's public airing of grievances adds another layer of drama to the mix. Fans and followers were quick to take notice of the IG Live session, sparking speculation about the underlying issues between Tootie Raww and NBA Youngboy. In fact, just earlier today, Boosie aired out his own grievances following Rod Wave not getting permission from Boosie to clear a sample. The saga continues in this ever-evolving story of clearances not getting approved.

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Tootie Raww Doesn't Hold Back

Tootie Raww's frustration stems not only from the uncleared feature but also from a perceived lack of respect in the professional realm. Fans weighed in on the brewing feud between the two artists. "Ahhh weekly dose of niggas bringing up yb for some attention," one person commented. "He’s his daddy’s son fasho always talking some bs on the live," another said. "It’s ok to say my feelings are hurt, or I’m disappointed. But naw we go straight to aggression as black men," one more said.

The dynamics between artists and their collaborations can be intricate. And when a feature doesn't get the green light, it often leaves both parties in an awkward position. In this case, Tootie Raww's public declaration adds a layer of transparency to the usually behind-the-scenes negotiations of the music industry. As the story unfolds, fans are left wondering whether this public fallout will lead to a resolution or escalate into a more significant rift between Tootie Raww and NBA Youngboy. Let us know your thoughts on HNHH!

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