Yesterday, the 19-year-old South Florida sensation known as XXXTENTACION was released from prison, where he had been since July 2016 due to allegedly assaulting his then-pregnant girlfriend. On his second day out, he has made a concerted effort to go after the biggest star in hip-hop. He called Drake a “bitch” in his first post-prison interview. Hours later, he has brought Drake’s mother into the fold. Clearly he’s gunning for a response from the More Life rapper.

“Drake mom kinda cute, she could get it,” tweeted the daring SoundCloud rapper. 

To be sure, XXX began taking shots at Drake a couple of months ago, greatly increasing his buzz in the process. From behind bars, he was able to hear a snippet of Drake’s “KMT,” which features London rapper Giggs and was included on the chart-topping More Life. XXX feels that the flow Drake exercised on “KMT” was stolen from the one he used on his biggest hit, “Look at Me,” which now has almost 45 million plays on SoundCloud. 

The rapping styles on the respective tracks in question are indeed similar, though it’s not as though the flow supposedly coined by XXX — a sped-up take on the triplet flow — exists in a vacuum. In fact, all the slight variations on this same stop-start way of rapping combine to make this type of flow the most common approach in today’s scene. Some readily available names that have proliferated this style include Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, and — before some of these guys could walk — Lord Infamous and Three 6 Mafia

But if XXX’s aggressive pestering of Drake is all to keep his name buzzing while he attempts to deliver a “Look at Me” follow-up, then he’s doing a fine job. Drake will, no doubt, be incensed to see the above tweet that sexualizes his mother. Shall he enter the beef? He’s likely having strategic talks in the OVO war room at this very moment. 


XXXTENTACION Goes After Drake's Mom: "She Could Get It"