Coi Leray Vows To Quit Smoking Weed As Well, Joins Snoop Dogg

Snoop has inspired her to quit, too.

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In a surprising turn of events, earlier today Snoop Dogg announced his decision to quit smoking. Snoop Dogg, an icon synonymous with the laid-back lifestyle and cannabis culture, revealed this unexpected shift in an Instagram post today. The picture he shared bears a caption that reads, "I'm giving up smoke," accompanied by an image that conveys a more detailed message: "After much consideration & conversation with my family, I've decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time." The announcement from Snoop Dogg, a who is a huge advocate of the marijuana lifestyle, has left fans and followers curious and intrigued. The post provides only a brief glimpse into the rapper's decision, leaving many to wonder about the motivations and factors behind this significant lifestyle change.

Snoop's association with cannabis has been a defining element of his public persona, making this decision to quit smoking a noteworthy departure from the image he has cultivated over the years. Simultaneously, Coi Leray, a rising star in the hip-hop scene, has also declared her intention to quit smoking. However, in contrast to Snoop Dogg's abrupt announcement, Coi Leray has set a timeline for her quitting. She noted that she plans to stop smoking after Thanksgiving. This deliberate decision and the specified timeframe suggest a more calculated approach to her lifestyle change, allowing for a period of reflection and preparation.

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Coi Leray Is Joining Snoop In Quitting

As the news of these unexpected announcements circulates, fans are left with questions about the motivations driving Snoop Dogg and Coi Leray to quit smoking. Speculation involves whether health concerns, personal growth, or other factors are influencing these decisions. "You got this, Unc !!" Jhene Aiko commented under Snoop's post. "Like this if you don’t believe it," said another comment. "Coi Leray gotta get that last “walk to the sto” in," someone commented on Coi's announcement.

Ultimately, the simultaneous announcements from Snoop Dogg and Coi Leray add an intriguing layer to their public personas. The decisions to quit smoking, whether immediate or planned, highlight the dynamic nature of personal choices and the influence of evolving perspectives on health and well-being within the music community. As fans await further insights into the motivations behind these declarations, the unexpected shifts in the smoking habits of these influential artists remain a topic of widespread discussion and curiosity.

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