Glorilla Speaks On Wanting To Get Her Man's Name Tatted One Day

Glorilla says she wants to be a "dumb hoe."

BYTallie Spencer
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In a recent social media revelation, #Glorilla has sparked a wave of curiosity and amusement by expressing her desire to get her man's name inked on her skin when the time is right. With a touch of humor, Glorilla opens up about the playful idea of embracing a bold declaration of love through the permanent art of tattooing. "I wanna be a dumb hoe and get my man's name tatted," Glorilla said. The statement reflects a blend of affection and light-heartedness, as she embraces the idea of making a commitment that goes beyond the conventional expressions of love.

Social media users joined in on the conversation, sharing their thoughts and reactions to her declaration. While some praised her honesty and playfulness, others chimed in with their own experiences of tattooing their partner's names or initials, creating a relatable and engaging online discussion. "I did it twice. Same man got his name 2 times....and I regret it to this day," someone commented on the post. "Definitely don’t feel her. 😂😂 I would NEVER! 😮" another person exclaimed. "So nobody but one person in this entire comment section got someone’s name tatted? I did it twice. But why yaw think it’s so bad though? To me, it’s just another love language."

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Glorilla Is Dedicated To Her Future Boo

The notion of getting a partner's name tattooed has long been a topic of discussion. Opinions vary widely, however. For Glorilla, it seems like a spontaneous and carefree decision she is willing to make when the time feels right. The use of humor, particularly referring to herself as a "dumb hoe," adds a self-aware and lighthearted touch to the declaration, making it clear that she embraces the idea with a sense of playfulness. Glorilla isn't the only person who's ever made the claim to do something of the sorts, however. Ari Fletcher made a similar remark in regards to Moneybagg Yo. "I'm going to get his name tatted right here so you hoes can know wassup," Ari said.

Expressions of love and commitment often take diverse forms, and Glorilla's statement resonates with a modern, unfiltered approach to relationships. While Glorilla's proclamation may be lighthearted, it taps into a broader conversation about the evolving nature of relationships. And the various ways individuals choose to express their love. Whether through tattoos, social media posts, or other unconventional means. Glorilla's candid revelation sparks a dialogue that resonates with those navigating the complex and ever-changing landscape of modern romance.

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