Miss B Nasty Reacts To Shannon Sharpe Thirsting Over Her

Shannon Sharpe recently revealed that he's "looking for a sinner."

BYCaroline Fisher
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During a recent episode of Nightcap, Shannon Sharpe opened up about what he's looking for in a partner. He and co-host Chad Johnson were discussing actress Yvonne Orji revealing that she's still a virgin at the age of 39. Johnson claimed that this makes her the perfect partner for Sharpe, however, he objected.

"This god-fearing woman, who has her priorities aligned in the right place," Johnson explained to Sharpe in attempts to convince him. "This woman is walking the path of righteousness and is living her life the right way." According to Sharpe, Godliness isn't his first priority when seeking a potential mate. He shared that instead, he'd prefer to date someone who isn't afraid to spice things up here and there.

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Miss B Nasty Shocked By Shannon Sharpe's Revelation

"I'm looking for a sinner," he explained before citing adult actress Miss B Nasty as a potential match. "I don't want nobody who is walking the straight and narrow." The revelation managed to shock viewers as well as Johnson, as it's not often that the Hall of Famer is so open about his sexuality. Another person to be shocked by Sharpe's response was none other than Miss B Nasty herself, who recently posted a clip of herself reacting to the unexpected conversation.

In the clip, Miss B Nasty is seen wide-eyed, covering her mouth in shock. It doesn't seem as though she's completely opposed to the idea, though she clearly didn't expect it. Yvonne Orji isn't the only person Johnson's tried to match Sharpe up with as of late, however. In October, he suggested that Kim Kardashian and Sharpe would make a good pair, after the reality star and businesswoman revealed that she's looking for an "older guy" following her Pete Davidson split. What do you think of Shannon Sharpe claiming that he's looking for someone like Miss B Nasty? How do you feel about the adult actress's response to his revelation? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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