Tristan Thompson Clowned For Goofy Walk On "The Kardashians"

Fans were trying to figure out why Thompson was strutting the way he was.

BYBen Mock
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Fans of The Kardashians once again took aim at Tristan Thompson. This week, it was over the bizarre way that Thompson was seen strutting around the Kardashian mansion during the most recent of the show. "Stank a-- walk," one X user referred to it as. "He walking like something up in it," another person noted. However, overall, fans weren't quite sure why the one-time ESPN analyst was walking the way he was.

After joining the Lakers for their playoff return last season, Thompson is back to playing regular-season basketball this year. The former fourth-overall pick was signed to fill out the Cavs bench this season and is playing some decent minutes. At the time of writing, Thompson has 11.2 minutes per game, with six games played. With that on-court time, he is averaging 3 points and 3.3 rebounds. The Cavs are 3-5 to open the season and are struggling to find consistency

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Thompson Grilled By Kourtney Kardashian

However, Thompson's primary role on The Kardashians at the moment is to serve as something of a foil to Kourtney. There is certainly a spectrum of acceptance towards Thompson amongst the family. Furthermore, Kourtney definitely slots in at its lowest end. “Tristan and I really have not connected and I just can’t fake it," Kourtney told Kylie Jenner ahead of a sitdown with Thompson in this week's episode. For her part, Kylie also expressed anxiety over Thompson's impending visit, giving Kourtney at least one ally in the family.

During their chat, Kourtney asked Thompson if he "feels anything" after he cheats. Thompson, who has previously said that he is "now in a place to own his mistakes", claimed he felt "disgusted". However, Kourtney jumped on the answer, demanding to know why, if that was the case, he would cheat so frequently. Thompson, at this stage of his career, is better known for his infidelity and allegations of neglect than anything he does on the court.

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