Tristan Thompson's Child Support Bill Is $224K, First Baby Mama Jordan Craig Alleges

Perhaps having four kids with three different women wasn't such a good idea.

BYHayley Hynes
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Tristan Thompson hasn't quite reached Nick Cannon's levels of fatherhood yet, but interestingly, having four children with three women seems to be far more complicated for the athlete than Cannon's dozen split between six. Of course, there's always conflict to navigate in any blended family. However, Thompson doesn't look to be on great terms with any of the women he shares kids with. Even his most recent romantic partner, Khloe Kardashian, is reluctant to publicly claim him as her man due to his long-running infidelity streak.

According to Daily Mail, the Canadian's first baby mama, Jordan Craig, has filed court documents against her ex over an alleged $224K in unpaid child support. They previously agreed to a $40K/month payment plan, though Thompson has reportedly only sent partial amounts owed or nothing at all to Prince's mom since November 2022. As punishment for his actions, Craig is asking for the court to withhold her co-parent's $80K/month earnings from his spot on the Cleveland Cavaliers.

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Jordan Craig and Prince Demand Better from Tristan Thompson

Elsewhere in the same documents, Thompson's $2.7 million annual income is mentioned while noting that the 32-year-old is requesting "certainly less than half of his monthly salary." Leading up to these filings, it became obvious that tension was brewing between Craig and the baller when her sister Kai Cyre, put him on blast for his "appalling and inexcusable" lack of presence in Prince's life.

Besides allegedly neglecting to financially support his firstborn son, Tristan Thompson is also guilty of ignoring his second youngest. Before Maralee Nichols welcomed their son, Theo, the NBA player pleaded with her to keep their affair a secret. After the shocking news came to light, he made it clear he wanted nothing to do with his third baby mama, leaving her to raise the young boy on her own. Check out the latest updates on the young boy at the link below, and tap back in later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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