Never mind that the month of January isn’t even over yet, 21 Savage laid claim to what he said is the most used word of the year. The “No Heart” rapper got Twitter fingers in the middle of the night Tuesday and said he made the word “issa” and wants credit for it.

Though the slang term hasn’t been officially recognized by any dictionary of American English, the Urban Dictionary does have an entry for it. The famous DJ Vlad interview, where 21 Savage, lounging next to several stacks of cash, explains what the tattoo on his forehead means also spawned the “Issa Joke” meme and its derivatives.

Issa joke

21 Savage often takes to Twitter to ruffle some feathers so it’s hard to tell whether he’s serious about this or not. He does say it often in his rhymes though. And to be fair, though the southern variant of the slang contraction “it’s a” has existed for generations, it’s mainstream use –especially in hip hop circles — has roughly risen at the same time as 21’s popularity. Watch the video below to watch 21 Savage say “issa knife:”

21 Savage

21 Savage Says "Issa" Is The Most Used Word Of 2017 And He Created It