DJ Akademiks Accuses Yung Miami Of Perpetuating Homophobia

DJ Akademiks thinks it's "ironic" that Yung Miami called him a gay slur.

BYCaroline Fisher
REVOLT World 2023

During a recent interview on VladTV, DJ Akademiks reflected on his beef with City Girls' Yung Miami. He recalled claiming that her only talent is "pimping men," which he says is still "fact." The personality says he was confused by her response, which included her calling him a gay slur. He called the comeback "ironic," seeing as though one of her close friends, Saucy Santana, is a gay man.

According to DJ Akademiks, people like Yung Miami are largely responsible for the level of homophobia in society, as they call people gay as an insult. He says that this, in turn, perpetuates the idea that it's inherently a negative thing. "I'll definitely say this about Caresha, Yung Miami," he began. "I believe a lot of Black women is why the levels of homophobia is what it is... Those people who usually have gay friends, right? Cause, you know, women always say they have a gay best friend. Let them get mad at a straight dude, they'll try to belittle you by calling you gay." He continued, claiming that if Yung Miami respects her friend, she shouldn't use terms like that.

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DJ Akademiks On Yung Miami Beef

In May, DJ Akademiks dissed the rapper, accusing her of lacking talent. “Yung Miami is, to me, a clown,” he explained. “She’s a one-trick pony. She is not talented [enough] to do anything else. The only active talent is to be like, ‘Yo, I’m pimping these dudes out.’ While you come out in interviews and you’re crying. You talked to Diddy to DM me. ‘Yo, please, he’s calling me a side chick!'”

"Diddy, the only reason why I’m going back in on her. I heard her on some show, she called me a very naughty word,” he later added. “Diddy … respect to you, but check your girl.” What do you think of DJ Akademiks' take on his beef with Yung Miami? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates.

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