Westside Gunn Remains Unfazed By Album Criticism

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"Whether u get it or not I’m still the [goat emoji]."

Westside Gunn just dropped of a new album last Friday, And Then You Pray For Me, and it's been met with a positive response! However, Gunn says that his latest project was met with a lot of hate. Something that he said he's experiencing for the first time in his career. In an IG video, he reposted a clip from the Joe Budden Podcast where co-host Ice was praising the album. "On the first listen, this is top 3 rap album this year for me," Ice proudly said. "This album is crazy. It sounds like he made an album for me… I’m like, wait, this is an Ice album!" However, Gunn took to IG to comment and address the haters.

"Everybody won’t get it and that’s fine, bc the same ppl that I THOUGHT knew me and what I stood for is the main ones leaving hate comments," he wrote. "I’ve experienced for the first time in my career where it’s literally bots that was sent to put negative attn on my album in the comments. And I still smile with every VVS Diamond tooth in my mouth showing bc whether u get it or not I’m still the [goat emoji] AND I FORGIVE YOU [goat emoji]." Westside Gunn's decision to share this positive feedback on his social media platform was a testament to his confidence in his work. By sharing the endorsement from Ice, he aimed to highlight that his music had resonated deeply with a prominent figure in the hip-hop community. This gesture was a strategic move to counterbalance any negative feedback that might have surfaced.

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Westside Gunn Shares Feedback From "Joe Budden Podcast"

As an artist and label head, Westside Gunn's poise in the face of criticism demonstrates his commitment to his craft. And the ability to handle both praise and critique with grace. By amplifying positive reviews, he emphasizes that his artistry speaks to the hearts of fans and critics alike. Some people in the comments did have different opinions. "cant be mad that core fans prefer the old sound. doesn't mean you're obligated to make it anymore but they're not obligated to like the new shit either," one person wrote. "The album is a definite grower. What I love is how you’re not afraid to try something new. Some of the songs are absolutely insane," another person said.

In the competitive realm of hip-hop, where opinions and judgments are abundant, Westside Gunn's approach serves as a reminder that artists have the agency to define their narrative and validate their artistic vision through strategic communication and promotion. Furthermore, in the comment section of that post, people had nothing but praise for And Then You Pray For Me. "They’ll get it in a year or 2 no worries," someone commented. Let us know your thoughts on this project!

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