Wack 100 Shares Alleged Chrisean Rock Receipts After Diss About Him In New Song

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Wack 100 is not having it.

In a new song called "Mr. Take Ya B*tch," by Lil Mabu featuring Chrisean Rock, shots were thrown at Blueface and Wack 100. As HNHH previously reported, one of the reasons why he Lil Mabu could possibly dissing Wack 100 is because Wack said he'd be ready to expose some things about Chrisean if she talks negatively about him again. This is Chrisean's way of saying she doesn't care, while also throwing shade at her baby daddy Blueface. Allegedly, according to screenshots posted on social media, Wack 100 shared receipts with Akademiks of Rock plotting with a guy in Baltimore about setting Blueface up. The timeline of the messages is back when she was on the Blue Girls Club show.

In the messages that looked like an IG DM, Chrisean appeared to say "his BM the reason why my tooth gone fr." Within the other messages, the person asked, "You be knowing where he at?" and instructed her to "Send dat drop of his crib I needs dat." Chrisean allegedly replied with an address. Wack 100 claims that Chrisean has tried to set Blueface up from the jump.

Wack 100 Shares Receipts

Furthermore, before the screenshots were shared, Wack 100 got on a livestream with Akademiks to provide context and backstory. He says that he also saw Rock's text messages one day while on set for Blue Girls Club, where she was apparently trying to set up a plan to rob him. "Anybody that stand with that and support that, and don't see her for the monster she is… that's on you." "I tried to get Blue to understand that," he continued. But I had to respect his wishes." He proceeds to say that Chrisean will do anything for clout and that she doesn't know when to stop.

For those who don't recall, Wack 100 and Chrisean have a longstanding beef. Wack claims to have never liked her from the beginning, saying he has his reasons. Just a few weeks ago, he took to Instagram to warn Rock that he would expose her if she continued to mention his name. "Don’t ever in life call me gay behind wtf you and him got going on," Wack 100 wrote. "You know why I don’t f#ck wit you . It’s 3 of us with the content . Mention my name again with some BS and ima expose the real. Now ima go on bout my day." In his Instagram post, he also had some white text on a black background with more warnings. "Chrisean, say my name one more time and ima let the world know why I never f*cked with you,"

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