Lil Wayne's Son Goes Viral For Being His Clone

Lil Wayne's 13-year-old son Neal is the spitting image of his father.

BYCaroline Fisher
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A clip of Lil Wayne's son Neal is blowing up, and users are shocked by how much they look alike. In the clip, the 13-year-old and friends are seen lip-synching a Tyler, the Creator song and showing off their fits. As Neal removes his hood and approaches the camera to flex his jewelry, it becomes undeniable how much he's the spitting image of his dad, dreads and all.

Neal is the rapper's youngest out of four children. Though some fans can't get past how much he looks like his dad, others argue that he more closely resembles his mother, Nivea. Several commenters have dubbed the boy "lil Lil Wayne" while many insist "He look like his mama not his dad."

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Lil Wayne's Son Neal

Either way, fans are glad to see the teen taking after his father with an apparent interest in fashion. Back in February, Lil Wayne opened up about having his first child at just 14 years old. This is only a year older than Neal is currently. While receiving Dr. Dre's Global Impact Award, he shared that it was his mother who encouraged him. He explained that she wanted someone else around since he was on tour, and his father had passed away.

“Where I’m from? I walked into my mama’s room when I was 14, she asked me for a kid because my dad was killed,” he revealed tearfully. “And her son had just blew up and went on his first tour. And we didn’t know that b*tch was gonna be six months. When I came home she said, ‘Son, I can’t live in this house by myself. We gonna have to figure something out.'” What do you think of Lil Wayne's son Neal going viral for his close resemblance to his dad? Are you shocked by how much the two look alike? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Lil Wayne.

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