Young Thug's Candy Crush Addiction Keeping Him Sane In Jail, Mariah The Scientist Says

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As the YSL RICO trial continues its hunt for eligible jurors, Thugger is doing what he can to stimulate his mind behind bars.

Long distance relationships aren't for everyone, namely due to the tricky circumstances that come with navigating such strong feelings through the distance. For Mariah the Scientist and Young Thug, things have proven to be particularly difficult through their physical separation. While the R&B starlet continues to tour across the country and prepare her new music for release, her other half has been behind bars for over a year and a half now while awaiting his YSL RICO trial.

We've heard occasional messages from Thugger himself, but for the most part, it's been his loved ones giving us insight as to how the Atlanta native spends his days in jail. During a recent conversation with TMZ, The Scientist revealed that the So Much Fun hitmaker has been keeping his mind occupied, though not necessarily with writing raps or reading books. "He has an iPad and he plays Candy Crush," the "Church" singer shared with a smile. "Every f**king day."

Mariah the Scientist Gives an Update on Young Thug

It's unclear what level Thug is on in the popular game right now, but internet users are speculating that he could potentially beat the entire thing should his legal proceedings continue to drag on so gradually. In the same interview, The Scientist was asked to share her thoughts on another artist's relationship. Specifically, she complimented Sexyy Red while speaking on the Hood Hottest Princess' recent sex tape leak that left her feeling incredibly vulnerable in front of her millions of Instagram followers.

We anticipated that the YSL RICO trial would be slow-moving. Still, we can't help but shake our heads at the snail-like pace of jury selection, which seems to be particularly difficult due to Young Thug's far-reaching celebrity status. Do you think it would be more reasonable to carry out proceedings in another state, or would the results be similar elsewhere too? Share your thoughts in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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