Lil Reese Claims He Never Asked Kanye West Why He Cut His Verse From "I Don't Like (Remix)"

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Reese denies that he "hated on" the remix.

Lil Reese recently spoke about his alleged "beef" with Kanye West after Kanye cut his verse from the 2012 remix of "I Don't Like". "Nah, I'm not hating on it. I just want to know, like damn, why he ain't put my part on there type shit. Like, I'm from Chicago, you from Chicago," Reese told Adam22 and No Jumper. Furthermore, Reese says he's never asked Kanye about it. "No, hell no. I ain't never talked to him, ask him that. But I'm sure he heard about me saying that and he know. He know that shit." Meanwhile, Adam joked that Kanye likely "can't remember that part of his life anyway."

The remix of "Don't Like" featured Kanye and several other big-name artists in the place of Reese. The original had served as Chief Keef's debut single and peaked at #73 on the Billboard Hot 100. However, the song went platinum, as did the remix. Meanwhile, Keef was serving a house arrest sentence when the remix came out.

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Lil Reese Speaks On Lean-Pouring Incident At Fredo Santana's Funeral

Elsewhere, Reese has been vocal about a few other issues. During his No Jumper interview, Reese was asked to speak on videos of funeral attendees pouring Lean onto the casket of Fredo Santana. "I seen that goofy ass shit. I don't know who was doing that." Furthermore, Reese denied being part of the group that did it. "No hell no. I won't do no goofy ass shit like that," Reese told Adam22.

However, Reese also refused to believe rumors that Chief Keef was part of the group doing it. "Nah, Sosa ain't do that. Sosa ain't gonna do nothing like that. Yeah, I don't respect that shit. I seen that shit, I don't respect that shit though." Additionally, Reese spoke on his history with the narcotic. "I used to be doing that shit with Fredo. That shit started making me feel a little funny," he explained.

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