Ice Spice's Doppelganger Blows Up On TikTok

A new Ice Spice lookalike is going viral.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Recently, TikTok user @kimmymunch has been going viral online for looking like Ice Spice. Though she's only shared a handful of TikToks, it's been enough to get the attention of fans, who note that the resemblance is uncanny. Her TikToks mostly consist of her posing along to music, and leaning into the persona of her celebrity lookalike.

As expected, social media users are out in full force with jokes, claiming that this is the most shocking doppelganger yet. "That’s spice ice," one commenter quips. The viral "clone" rocks copper-colored locked similar to her iconic hairstyle. Her features are also strikingly similar to the "Deli" rapper's, which is highlighted by her signature winged eyeliner and glossy lips. Though the lookalike has managed to shock fans with how much she looks like the artist, this is far from the first "clone" of the hitmaker to pop up in recent months.

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Ice Spice "Clone" Goes Viral

At the beginning of this year, the Bronx-born 23-year-old also recruited a slew of lookalikes to promote her own EP, Like..? A crew of dancers rocking matching outfits and Ice Spice wigs headed to Times Square, dancing along to her track "Princess Diana." Fans loved the creativity behind the stunt, and it certainly managed to spark interest in the project.

Recently, the "Munch" performer also got the attention of Max B, who shared his love for her in an interview from behind bars. "I’m loving that Spicy Ice joint right now,” he explained during a phone call. “She looking real good. I’m loving that Icy Spicy right now. She looking real tasty with that carrot top going off. That top looking like carrot cake. I want a bite.” Do you see the resemblance between Ice Spice and her viral lookalike? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below, and keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Ice Spice.

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