You know the saying “truth is stranger than fiction?” Social media has proven this principle more and more true by allowing everything to share the most ridiculous things that happen to them, often in hilariously short snippets. Yesterday Twitter user @msixelaa posted a story that might dethrone #LostBae as most absurd social media story of 2016 (although this one doesn’t have as many sides to it).

In the story that has been retroactively labeled #UberBae, @msixelaa tells the story of her fateful Uber trip. She drives in her spare time, and picked up a girl at the airport, only to discover upon arrival that she was actually driving to her boyfriend’s house. We’ll let her tell the rest.

So there you have it. Don’t use the car service your girlfriend drives for if you have a side chick coming into town. We aren’t quite sure what would possess a man to give up something like this, but it’s his loss.


Read The Story Of #UberBae, The Woman Who Drove A Side Chick To Her Man’s House