Are Cardi B And Remy Ma Working On Music Together?

Cardi B and Remy Ma may very well have some new music incoming.

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By now, everyone knows that Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj have emerged as mortal enemies, trading seemingly never ending shots in one of hip-hop's most random recent beefs. And while hip-hop is an inherently competitive genre, the general consensus among female rappers is that "there can only be one." While Nick Minaj is quick to remind the community that she's "the queen" of hip-hop, there are many who feel her self-assigned title is tenuous. In fact, a new challenger seems to have entered the royal race - the outspoken, endearing and lyrically deadly Cardi B.

Everyone and their geography teacher is well acquainted with "Bodak Yellow," which has put the summer on smash and shows no sign of slowing. With an emphasis on lyricism and delivery, Cardi's verses on "Bodak" made a similar point as Nicki once did with her iconic verse on "Monster," proving that the ladies can spit venom and lyrically hang with the dudes; in fact, Nicki left two excellent rappers in the dust on that joint, and her work on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy probably went a long way in establishing her "queen ship."  

However, with Cardi's prominence on the rise, many have speculated that Nicki might not exactly be thrilled at the prospect of competition. Basically, every time Minaj drops a song, Barbz are quick to comb the lyrics for potential shots at Ms. Bardi. The speculation was not exactly quelled by Cardi and Remy Ma's increasingly close relationship. And now, it would appear that Remy and Cardi may have some music in the works.

In a VH1 Facebook event, Remy alluded to the possibility of a Cardi collaboration, stating:  “We actually were talking about it last night. [Cardi] like literally grabbed me, she was like, ‘We need to do a song together.’ I was like, ‘OK.’ She’s like, ‘I’m not playin.'”

So while that's hardly concrete, it does indicate that both parties are interested in linking up for a track. How do ya'll feel about this? There's no doubt that Nicki might feel some type of way, but there's no reason why everyone can't just kiss and make up. After all, Jay-Z and Nas got past "Takeover" and "Ether," didn't they?

Cardi & Remy

Are Cardi B And Remy Ma Working On Music Together?
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