Lil Meech Declares Himself A Mama's Boy

It's no secret, at this point.

BYTallie Spencer
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Lil Meech is a self-proclaimed mama's boy and he's not afraid to admit it. The 27-year old BMF actor shared a picture on social media of him and his mother smiling together. Meech is all smiles with his mom, and a caption that reads "I'm a real mommy's boy." While the sweet moment was well received by most, social media users couldn't help but chime in on thoughts about how he was raised. "Not surprising, those are usually the ones who lack self control and respect for women bc they don’t know accountability," one user wrote. "Welp that sums up the reason why he acts like that," another shared. "That’s a real red flag but ok," someone else chimed in.

It's no shocker that Lil Meech has a close bond with his mother, a relationship many believe shapes his character. These presumptions are definitely linked to his recent cheating allegations. Some social media users argue that a man's relationship with his mother reflects his treatment of future partners. The connection between Lil Meech and his mother continues to fuel discussions, particularly in the context of recent cheating accusations.

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Audiences Are Not Surprised Lil Meech Is A Mama's Boy

Lil Meech has been the topic of conversation in past months for his love affair with R&B princess Summer Walker. The two broke up towards the end of summer due to cheating allegations on Meech's end. One viral moment occurred when fans spotted Lil Meech as a video emerged of him walking into another woman's apartment, caught on a video door camera. Meech then posted his defense, claiming he was helping his cousin buy groceries. "Damn, I can’t help my cousin bring the bags in the house," he asked in response. "We went to the grocery store, man."

Since the grocery store incident, fans and celebs alike have trolled the BMF star heavily and made several jokes out of the situation. Walker also took to social media to share her side of the story: "It’s just crazy how a n***a will really try to pursue the f**k out of you for 2 years, make you meet they whole family, wanna be around you and your kids all day, & pay bills just to embarrass you to the world lmao," she wrote on Tuesday (Aug. 1). "I don’t understand men but ima give it to God."

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