JT Reminds Followers That Relationships Aren't Forever

JT shares some candid dating advice with her followers.

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City Girls rapper JT has taken to X (formerly known as Twitter) to share some relationship advice. The “Where The Bag At” rapper, who's on-again, off-again dating fellow rapper Lil Uzi Vert, shared her thoughts on being in a relationship and leaving when unhappy. "Do men know that a 'girlfriend' not that deep," she started. "If you don't like your 'girlfriend' you can leave, that's not your wife OR mother of your kids. You owe her nothing. & vice versa if you don't like your boyfriend leave his ass & don't feel bad or play with other ppl feelings."

JT's post was in response to a viral meme captioned, "how men look at you when you remind them they have a girlfriend." One user responded, "Damn, this is cold." And JT took to replying with "Why you feel like that? What's cold is pretending to hate your partner in the streets or using others instead of simply being single. No broken family or alimony!" Her response suggested that instead of cheating, an unhappy partner should just leave -- especially if they're not married or have kids.

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JT Gets Candid On Social Media

However, JT has never been one to shy away from her relationship views with social media. In fact, just earlier this year she claimed that she would hold her man Uzi down if they were behind bars for 10 years. The hypothetical question was asked during a virtual interview and JT responded that 10 years is not really that long of a time to her. “Um…10 years. Yeah. 10 years not really that long. I did 15 [months].” she admitted.

Moreover, the City Girls rapper has definitely made her other opinions known when it comes to the things men should do for women. Earlier in August, JT shared some words for a fan she felt was "begging" her for merchandise during her Instagram live. One of her viewers asked her for some free merch, and JT responded by saying to ask the guy they're talking to to buy it for them instead. “Stop begging,” she began. “You know what I don’t like? When a muthaf**ka scared to beg a man but they’ll get on here and beg me. Don’t ask me for s**t you won’t ask a man for, baby." "Don’t ask me for nothing you won’t ask a man for," she continued.

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