Audio Of 911 Call Made After Blueface Stabbing Released

The call shows the tension in the gym right after the incident.

BYBen Mock
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TMZ has obtained the call made to 911 after rapper Blueface was stabbed at a gym last month. The incident was used to hype up an episode of Crazy In Love while also forcing Blueface to postpone an October boxing match. However, the 911 audio paints a slightly chaotic picture. The person who called the emergency services appears to be the owner of the gym in question. After telling the dispatch operator that someone "stabbed my client", there appears to be a breakdown in communication.

The audio clip appears to show the owner of Kaminsky Boxing Club being unable to properly hear the dispatcher's questions. This leads the man to grow frustrated with the operator and demand that they send paramedics "pronto". His frustration continues to grow as the dispatcher attempts to stick to protocol and go through their standard dispatch questions. However, emergency services were eventually dispatched and the assailant, Brandon Henry Snell, was quickly arrested. Furthermore, Blueface appears to be recovering well from the leg injury he sustained during the altercation.

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Blueface Facing Trouble Of A Different Kind

Away from the fallout of his gym stabbing, Blueface has been facing legal trouble of a different kind. Earlier this week, the rapper claimed that Child Protective Services had paid a visit to his home. The visit was over concerns about the welfare of his son, Javaughn. Per the allegations, an investigation was opened due to Javaughn being seen around strippers and being placed in other adult situations.

Seemingly as a result of this, Blueface and his mother have tried to shift focus onto Chrisean Rock. Rock is continuing her post-natal recovery after giving birth to Blueface's son, Chrisean Jr. Blueface has taken shots at Rock for working out and meeting with fans so soon after the child's birth. Meanwhile, fans online lashed out at Rock for taking her son to a football game so soon after he was born. It appears that neither parent in this increasingly bitter relationship can find themselves on the parenting high ground for very long.

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