Logan Paul And Dillon Danis Exchange Wild Bets During Face-To-Face

While these two fighters may not like each other, they definitely aren't afraid to put a few things on the line.

BYBen Mock
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Logan Paul and Dillon Danis set up serious wagers during their recently released pre-fight face-to-face. On Danis' side, he made Paul promise to name him as his best man if Danis won. Meanwhile, Paul got Danis to agree to surrender his entire fight purse if Paul won. The interview is pretty hard to watch in full, with Danis stammering and stuttering throughout. It's something that Paul constantly attacks his opponent for.

However, their wagers weren't the only stories to come out of the face-off. Logan once again took to trolling his opponent, releasing a video claiming that Danis had an erection throughout the entire interview. Despite Paul racking up pre-fight Ws in recent weeks, Danis is still adamant that he is in Paul's head. This is in spite of the fact that Danis took his trolling of Paul's fiancée to the point where he is now facing a lawsuit that could potentially see him pay out millions.

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Danis Finally On The Trolling Back Foot

For the first time since the two fighters began exchanging barbs, it feels that Dillon Danis is on the back foot. Last week, Danis tried (and failed) to hit back at two pieces of trolling from Paul. "I’m suing Logan Paul for defamation of character my butthole was not touched that night," Danis joked in response to text messages that shared details about a sexual encounter Danis had after his press conference with Paul in London. Furthermore, Danis took aim at a clip from their face-off interview posted by Paul. In the clip, Danis repeatedly stumbles over his words and stammers frequently. "This was completely edited by him to look this way. Just wait until the full thing comes out; classic Logan Paul. I can't wait for everyone to see how badly I roast him," Danis claimed.

The texts Logan shared are perhaps the most intriguing part of the story. Paul shared a screenshot of texts, purportedly from a woman who slept with Danis after their infamous press conference in London last month. While the woman's identity cannot be verified, Danis did post a picture of himself in bed with two women shortly after the press conference wrapped up. "Well I met up with Dillon the night of the fight press conference in London, we had a threesome. But the whole time he was so scared and paranoid that Logan had sent us to fuck with him. He's trying to play it cool but he's terrified of Logan. I also fingered his butt. I want Logan to use this against Dillon, I hate the way he's talking about Nina," the texts read.

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