NBA Youngboy's Security Guard Explains Why He Didn't Stop Foolio

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NEW ORLEANS, LA - AUGUST 25: NBA YoungBoy performs during Lil WeezyAna at Champions Square on August 25, 2018 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images)
Youngboy's security guard is giving a long-overdue explanation.

A few years ago, NBA Youngboy had a notorious incident where Florida rapper Foolio and his group pulled up on him. Various different perspectives on the altercation emerged for weeks afterward. But one person's perspective is only now coming out. That's Youngboy's former security guard who talked about the incident in a recent podcast appearance. In the clip, he explains that he saw the confrontation coming as it was about to unfold. He gives two different explanations for why he didn't intervene on Youngboy's behalf.

The first reason given is a pretty simple one that most people will relate to, he wasn't being paid at the time. "I was off the clock, so I sit down and just watch," he says in the interview which elicits a hilarious response. He also elaborates on how part of him wanted to give both rappers the opportunity to act as gangster as they pretend to be in their music. "Sometimes you gotta give it to them since they talk to street. And they sometimes try to apply that to the business and I'm not with that." Check out the full interview clip below.

NBA Youngboy's Security Guard Talks Foolio Incident

Recently, NBA Youngboy's behavior has caused fans to worry about his well-being on numerous occasions. Last week he got a concerning new tattoo that many fans have interpreted as a literal cry for help. that's because the tattoo is the actual work "HELP" all-caps and in bold black letters.

That new tat came after a series of attention-grabbing Instagram posts that furthered fan concerns. In one of them Youngboy explains just how much money he's spent on various things since becoming famous. The tallies felt a bit out of control to a lot of fans. An even more bizarre post came from his cat's Instagram. There he claimed that he was crying out for help and taking copious amounts of drugs in a message from the perspective of his own, cat. What do you think of the reasons NBA Youngboy's bodyguard gives for not interfering despite seeing Foolio coming? Let us know in the comment section below.


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