Sexyy Red Isn't Feeling Fans' Out Of This World Drawing Of Her

"Got her looking like Oscar Proud, that's sick af omg," one IG user reacts to the viral fan art of Sexyy Red.

BYHayley Hynes
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Many people dream of living a lavish celebrity lifestyle. Of course, very few have skin thick enough to handle the hate that comes famous people's way these days. Thanks to social media, stars can easily read every hateful comment written about them in a matter of seconds. This causes some of them to spiral into incredibly negative mental states. Others choose to ignore the drama altogether, or when they do have to get involved, they look at the situation through the eyes of humour, turning the entire situation into a joke. Sexyy Red is among the latter category, and she expertly allowed an unflattering drawing of her that's going viral to roll right off her shoulders.

Amid celebrating her new "Peaches & Eggplants (Remix)" with Latto hitting DSPs at midnight on Friday (September 8), Red took a moment to respond to the out-of-this-world piece of artwork that's meant to resemble her. "Guess this star ⭐️," the OP wrote beside a seemingly alien-inspired figure with bright red hair. Its skinny arms and legs were bent at an awkward angle, and its stomach was protruding outward. When the Hood Hottest Princess caught sight of the "tribute," she couldn't help but laugh.

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Sexyy Red Isn't Flattered By Fans' Portrait of Her

"I know you f**king lying 💀," the St. Louis native joked on Twitter earlier this afternoon. While some think that the artist behind the picture was just taking some creative liberties in making a caricature that aren't worth getting angry over, others have expressed that they would've reacted much more intensely than Red has.

"She got a good sense of humour [because] me? Oh, I would’ve posted their addy playing [with] me like that 😂," one person remarked. Another chimed in with, "Got her looking like Oscar Proud, that’s sick af omg."

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Other Reactions Pour In

Keep scrolling to see what other social media users have to say about the latest fan drawing of Sexyy Red. Do you think the artwork was put out in good humour, or is someone trying to embarrass the rising rap star? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

Sexyy Red Comments
Sexyy Red Comments
Sexyy Red Comments


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