Spice Breaks Her Silence Amid Erica Mena Slur Controversy

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Trina's 21st Anniversary of the "Baddest Chick" Celebration
TUCKER, GEORGIA - MARCH 21: Rapper Spice attends Trina's 21st Anniversary of the "Baddest Chick" Celebration at TW Events Luxury Venue on March 21, 2021 in Tucker, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)
Spice emphasizes that she didn't go after Erica Mena's son, but rather her parenting.

Erica Mena has recently been under fire for a comment she made about Spice during an altercation on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. The two of them got into an argument at a restaurant, and things escalated when Spice brought up Mena's son. Mena responded by calling Spice a "blue monkey," and has since been hit with a ton of backlash. The scandal has even resulted in Mena getting booted from the next season of the show.

Various social media users and peers have weighed in on the debacle, with many claiming that Mena's use of the slur showcased racism or colorism. Now, Spice herself has chimed in, and she seems to agree. The rapper has been facing her own criticism for bringing Mena's family into their debate, and she hopped on Instagram Live to share her thoughts. “I’m not being ignorant; I’m not playing victim,” she explained. “I am taking full accountability because you said I experienced the racism because I triggered her. So, is that a new thing now in 2023? It’s okay to receive racism as long as you’re angry? I’m just asking. Feel free to let me know.”

Spice Says Backlash Is A Result Of Colorism

Spice continued, sharing a photo of herself with lighter skin. “If I looked like this then some of the Black people who are commenting that it’s okay would not be saying what they’re saying,” she explained. “You can play hypocrite if you want.” She went on to clarify the comment she made about Mena's family during the argument, noting that she didn't go after Mena's son personally, but rather her parenting.

“I would never say anything bad about someone’s child," she explained. "I have two kids, I have God kids, I love kids.” Spice continued, “I came for Erica’s parenting, and I can take full accountability for that because that’s exactly where I was coming from, because that’s what we were talking about.” Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Spice and Erica Mena.

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