Erica Mena Under Fire For Calling Spice A "Monkey" During LHHATL Altercation

"You should have died, b*tch," Mena told Spice.

BYCaroline Fisher
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Things got heated on a recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Erica Mena and Spice sat down to hash out some beef, but things quickly got out of control. Spice told Mena that her oldest son doesn't like her, and things went south from there. Mena flipped the table they were sitting at over onto Spice, and the insult hurling began. She's now under fire for calling Spice a racial slur during the altercation, with social media users noting that she took things way too far.

"You should have died, b*tch," Mena told Spice, referencing the 41-year-old's recent, nearly-fatal hospitalization. Spice continued to shout that Mena's son "hates" her, and eventually, Mena called Spice a "monkey." The Puerto Rican and Dominican personality is now being accused of being racist, colorist, and more. Some have also taken the opportunity to dig up some old reports about her, in which she's accused of using the same slur against a club promoter.

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Social Media Users Dig Up Erica Mena's Alleged Past Use Of Slurs

Back in 2015, a promoter alleged that Mena was given cash for a scheduled appearance at an Ohio nightclub. Unfortunately, they claim she failed to ever actually appear. The promoter says that she went to the hotel Mena was staying at, where staff informed her of some comments the personality had allegedly made about her. Staff members accused Erica of making racist statements like "I don’t like working with these Black monkeys” and ” I don’t usually do business with these Black monkeys.”

At the time, the promoter claims that she wasn't sure if the staff's accounts were legitimate, or if they were just trying to provoke drama. Then, Mena allegedly arrived at the hotel, calling the promoter and her staff "Black, broke, monkeys” and “f*cking monkeys.” Though these reports are unconfirmed, social media users are noticing a concerning trend of Erica Mena using racial slurs. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Erica Mena.

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