Yungeen Ace Leaks SSN, Gets Signed Up For The Army

"Stop doin' that sh*t," Yungeen Ace told trolls.

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Recently, Yungeen Ace's beef with Foolio got him into some trouble. Foolio had shared a clip of Yungeen Ace, claiming that it showcased the rapper "snitching." The origins of the clip remain unclear, however, he took to social media to refute the claims. He showed off paperwork during a live stream that apparently proved Foolio wrong, but it the process, leaked a pretty critical piece of information about himself. Yungeen Ace accidentally broadcasted his social security number to the world.

Now, one can imagine that this got a lot of attention online, and trolls took it and ran. The performer recently hopped on social media again, revealing that people have even been signing him up for the army. "Ay on some real sh*t bro," he told viewers. "Stop signing me up for the f*cking army, bro. Real sh*t, stop doing that sh*t."

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Yungeen Ace Tells Trolls To "Stop Doin' That Sh*t"

The duo's beef doesn't show any sign of slowing down for the moment, and things have gotten pretty ugly in the past. When Yungeen Ace's friend JayDaYoungan passed away in 2022, for example, Foolio took the opportunity to diss him. He then claimed that JayDaYoungan had befriended his opps, which is why he made sarcastic comments about his death. “Now you dissing me in songs, saying F my dead homeboys, this and that. How I’mma feel? I’m supposed to sit back, be quiet. Don’t say nothin’? If it was me, on the other end, n***a would’ve done the same thing," he explained.

The public even appears to have used their beef to their advantage. Last year, a woman found Foolio's ID, and took to social media to do some negotiating. She threatened that if the rapper didn't give her $10K, she'd give the ID which featured his address to Yungeen Ace. Keep an eye on HNHH for more news and updates.

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