Tobi Lou And FARADA Add "Losing You" To "Caturday" EP

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tobi lou farada losing youtobi lou farada losing you
The EP also gets a new title.

Nigerian-born rapper and singer tobi lou just a week ago dropped a new EP called Caturday. It was a short, four-track project featuring some nice production from frequent collaborator, FARADA. The duo has quite an extensive list of songs together due to their two team efforts on their projects from just earlier this year. 'Decent and Baggy Weather (Mini Version) were released two months apart, with the latter containing no features. Caturday contains no guests too and is an R&B and rap outing for these two.

However, tobi lou and FARADA are adding another track called "Losing You." In addition, the EP has an alternate title too, Why Do It Feel Like I'm Losing You. It essentially takes on the title of the new song and is also the first track on the EP. The order from Caturday stays the same: 1. "Caturday" 2. "Meteorite" 3. "Roller Coaster" 4. "Fee."

Listen To "Losing You" From Tobi Lou And FARADA

"Losing You" adds on to some of the themes and moods of the other tracks. This one talks about a relationship that is hanging on by a thread. Internal and external noise is splitting the two apart. FARADA's beat contains spacy synths, trap percussion, and smooth 808s. Lou's lyrics and delivery are a nice pairing and it could be the best track now from Caturday/Why Do It Feel Like I'm Losing You.

What are your initial thoughts on this brand new track, "Losing You," by Tobi Lou and FARADA? Is this the best song from the EP? Do you think these two should continue to work together in the future? We want to hear what you have to say about all of this. So, be sure to leave all of your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below. Additionally, always keep it locked in with HNHH for all of the hottest new song releases and all of the latest breaking news around the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

Oh, I pity the fool (Pity the)
Who keep f****n' with my mood?
I don't understand these rules
They can't be made for me and you
It's too late for me and you

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