It looks like The Game is the latest victim of a new lawsuit. According to TMZ, the Compton rapper is getting sued by a burger establishment called Big D’s Burgers for $8,500 for unpaid catering services for a Fourth of July party they did for him. However, there is two sides to every story and The Game’s manager says not true.

So apparently The Game had a little history with Big D’s Burgers & hired them on two separate occasions in the past, both times having received cash as their payment. The rep says Game requested food for up to 250 partygoers, but that’s not how many showed up. The rep says about 450 people came surprisingly, forcing them to make a food run. While on the run, Big D’s was asked to also grab some booze & cleaning supplies, something that wasn’t part of the deal but they agreed to do anyways. Well, when the party was over & it came time to pay Big D’s says Game promised to wire the money the next day, but the bread never came, hence the result in the lawsuit.

TMZ reached out to The Game to hear what we had to say about the allegation, and his manager, Wack 100, reportedly says they never had a contract with Big D’s and thought the company catered the party for free. But as you know, nothing in life is “free,” so this at the moment doesn’t look great for the Game, but guess time will only tell.

We’ll continue to keep you posted moving forward. In the meantime, look out for details on The Game’s “last album” Westside Story to be coming soon. We do know Dr. Dre has already been locked in the studio with The Game so you know it’s going to be fire. Aside from that, The Game has been silent for months working hard on it. Let’s hope that changes here shortly. Stay tuned.

The Game

The Game Sued For Allegedly Not Paying Catering Service