Everyone knows about the ongoing Taylor Swift and Kanye West feud by now, and strangely enough, it simply will not die. In fact, the flames were recently fanned when Taylor’s latest single and album announcement took some apparent shots at Mr. West. And while many media outlets were quick to seize the opportunity of clowning Taylor in an attempt to please the ever-malleable public narrative, the reality is that “Look What You Made Me Do” did exactly what it intended to. Piss off Kanye West fans.

However, things may have gone a step to far. While Taylor’s camp swears it’s a coincidence, her upcoming album drops November 10th, which also happens to be the ten-year anniversary of Donda West’s death. The death of Kanye’s mother had a profound effect on the rapper, and rightly so; losing one’s mother is a traumatic thing. There’s no doubt that the fateful day must have some baggage attached by it, and a shade-filled album release from a rival certainly won’t help matters. If this was indeed deliberate, well…it’s definitely a ruthless move from the once-innocent Swift. 

Coincidence or not, Kanye West fans will not stand for the transgression. A core group of Redditors from R/Kanye subreddit banded together in an attempt to reclaim the day, dubbing November 10th as “Hey Mama Day.” In short, they basically threw together a plot in which Kanye fans would band together in streaming a singular Kanye song throughout the course of the day, in the hopes that it would rise to the top of the streaming charts. The post elaborates that a singular song is easier to chart than an album, and as of now, the group is working on selecting a track. 

While it will probably prove difficult in topping Taylor from the top, the effort remains an noble one. I suppose we will have to see what happens come November 10th. Speaking of “Hey Mama,” why not check out our top 5 best Late Registration cuts?

Kanye West & Taylor Swift

Kanye West Fans Plan "Hey Mama Day" In Attempt To Thwart Taylor Swift