On this day 12 years ago, Kanye West's landmark album Late Registration was released for purchase online and in-store (remember buying the CD? I know I do...). His much-anticipated follow-up to College Dropout, the rapper broke even further into the mainstream with this LP, solidifying his place in the hip-hop music lexicon as one of the great minds we have working today.

Broadening his range from his debut effort and dipping his toe into a wide variety of sounds when it comes to the production backbone that runs through this album, Late Registration shows Kanye maturing and progressing into a full-blown star. Anyone who had doubted his newfound success as a bankable crossover entity following the success of College Dropout were quickly silenced with this release, blending his funky, soulful rhythms with hard-edged humor and political bite that found a place in the hearts of anyone who was bumping to the hit parade through their car stereo system. It felt inescapable as a musical entity but then, with an album this good, who would've wanted to escape from its charm anyways?

To celebrate the birthday of arguably Kanye's most popular studio effort, we've gone ahead and ranked the five best songs from the album in the list below. Does your favorite from the LP make the cut? Read below to find out!