DJ Paul Responds To Crunchy Black's Theory About Gangsta Boo's Death

Earlier this week, Crunchy alleged that the late rap diva's brother is responsible for her tragic death.

BYHayley Hynes
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Many of those close to Gangsta Boo gained some closure back in June when the Southern starlet's death was confirmed as an accidental overdose. Despite the official reports, there were still those with suspicions about the circumstances of the situation, including Crunchy Black. Earlier this week, the rapper took to social media with allegations of Gangsta's brother, E Gutta (or Eric Mitchell), being responsible for her passing. According to Crunchy, his friend's sibling was resentful of her for not financially supporting him and even spoke about acting out in violence toward Boo during his time in jail.

"I’m bout to reach out to yo whole family and tell them everything you used to be talking about in prison when it came to Boo. Imma start wit your mama because she needs to know her son ain’t shit," he wrote, turning of plenty of heads his way. Since Black's damning post, several people in the comments suggest he should turn this information over to the authorities. On Thursday (August 34), DJ Paul confirmed that what the 49-year-old is talking about is already common knowledge among police.

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DJ Paul Suggests Authorities Are Aware of Suspicion Surrounding Gangsta Boo's Brother

"They have it," the Three 6 Mafia co-founder commented on an IG post. "They have her phone and they know who did it." Paul didn't explicitly name Gutta as the person responsible for Gangsta's death, but he didn't deny Black's allegations either. As the story continues to gain more traction, only time will tell if authorities have enough evidence to make a case against Mitchell for allegedly killing his sister.

Despite her untimely death, hip-hop hasn't allowed Gangsta Boo's name to go unremembered. Back in the spring, Juicy J shared a posthumous feature from the late legend on his Mental Trillness album, and we're still awaiting updates on her first solo album since 2003. Tap into the Memphis natives' collaboration at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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