DJ Paul Explains Why He Missed Gangsta Boo's Funeral

The Three 6 Mafia producer wasn't present at the service on Saturday (January 14).

BYIsaac Fontes
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Gangsta Boo & DJ Paul

2023 got off to an awful start when it was reported that Gangsta Boo tragically passed away on New Year's Day. The "Where Dem Dollas At" rapper was only 43 years old.

Fellow Three 6 Mafia artist DJ Paul is the one responsible for confirming the news in an Instagram post. The funeral service took place on Saturday afternoon (January 14). Many friends and family members attended the event to pay tribute to the late rap pioneer. However, some were quick to notice that Paul wasn't there.

Gangsta Boo and DJ Paul of Da Mafia Six attend Da Mafia Six In Concert at Webster Hall on March 18, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

On Sunday morning (January 15), the Three 6 Mafia producer took to his Instagram account to set the record straight. "I Don't Owe None Of You Goofs The 2 Minutes It Took Me To Make This But You Betta Keep My Name To The Upmost!! Especially Bout My Love Ones!!! U Complainers Just Wanted To Pour Ya Fake Love On Me! Naw Bih!!" reads the beginning of the caption.

"And I Paid For #lordinfamous & koopstakn*cca Funerals!! And @snootiewild Funeral & Still Talk To His Family Every Month! We Family Now! Attending A Funeral & A Church Makes Some Of You Sinners Feel You Did Something Special Don't It.... What Did U Do For Them Before Death???" he continues afterwards.

The producer ends the caption by saying, "Ps: The Producers Of Boo Funeral Tried They Best To Make Her Not Have Any Mafia Ties, Good Job! Rest Up Queen!!!"

"Let me explain something to you b*tch ass n*ggas out there, who got something to say about me not comin' to Boo's funeral. N*gga, I paid for the funeral, hoe. I'm on motherf*ckin tour. And even if I wasn't, I don't do funerals, n*gga. The last time I was at a funeral, it wasn't nothin' but a bunch of groupie ass motherf*ckin' n*ggas," Paul says explicitly in the video.

He goes on to explain his and Boo's love for each other. Furthermore, he details his role in her and the rest of the group's success.

Long Live Gangsta Boo. What are your thoughts on the situation? Comment down below. Finally, make sure you stay tuned to HNHH for all of the latest updates and stories.


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