Asian Doll Blasts People Rapping At Age 30 Or Older

There are plenty of examples that discredit this bias, but it's an understandable point of view.

BYGabriel Bras Nevares
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Asian Doll doesn't always land with great takes online in the eyes of her fans; but then again, who ever does? Most recently, the 1017 signee ruffled some often-ruffled feathers online by revisiting the topic of ageism in hip-hop. "Tryna rap at 30 is cr*zyyyyyyyyyy," she tweeted, although she later deleted the post, perhaps because of backlash to it. That being said, plenty of people agreed with her in the replies, so it's clearly a more contentions debate than it looks on the surface. In addition, it's also in a much different context and implication than just blindly putting every rapper who's hit 30 in a box.

Furthermore, the obvious examples of rappers older than 30 come to mind: Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Tyler, The Creator, Jay-Z, and so on. However, it seems like Asian Doll is referring instead to people trying to start a career at age 30 or older. Hip-hop's always been a pretty youthful genre, so it's understandable why some would think that age leaves people out of the culture. Still, there are plenty of late bloomers in the industry, even though they're outnumbered by people who make it early and, ironically, fail to age and change with the times.

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Asian Doll's Tweet About "Older" Rappers

This is a topic that many in the game have discussed and debated, and a recent example is Wallo, Gillie, and 03 Greedo on the former two's podcast. "F***ing right there’s an age limit to rap," Gillie Da Kid told them on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game. "If you ain’t poppin’ by a certain age, let that s**t go. Motherf***ers be like all the time, ‘Yo Gil, your platform cr*zy, this the perfect time drop something now.’ Shut the f**k up, man. F**k is you talking about? Do I look like a n***a that’s holding onto yesterday, n***a? Or do I look like a n***a that’s elevating? And escalating, n***a. And glowing and growing. What the f**k is wrong with you?

"‘Let me drop another debut album at 46,'” he went on. “Get the f**k out of here. That is not me. That is for n***as that can only rap. F**k all that. I got bigger and better s**t that I’m gon’ climb and try to climb and get to. I’m not no n***a that’s trying to live no throwback Thursday, man. If you ain’t got no traction at all by a certain age and you still doing this s**t… loser." For more news and the latest updates on Asian Doll, log back into HNHH.

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