Asian Doll And YNW Melly's Mom Respond To Lul Tim's King Von Charges Being Dropped

Reactions to the Lul Tim news are starting to pour in.

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Earlier today (August 20), it was reported that Lul Tim would no longer face murder charges for the shooting death of King Von in 2020. According to YouTuber Mickey Truth, the charges against Tim have been dropped. The Quando Rondo affiliate had been out on bail since 2021 but was still preparing to face trial over Von’s 2020 death. Reportedly, prosecutors now view Von’s death as being the result of self-defense. This comes as a result of evidence appearing to show Von assaulting Rondo prior to this death.

The charges against Tim have also proven to be socially controversial. There are many who view Tim as a hero for reportedly killing Von. Of course, some have gone as far as to label Von as a “serial killer”, with one notorious YouTube documentary attributing as many as 10 murders to the Chicago rapper. But with Tim’s charges now dropped, it appears to have brought the saga of King Von’s death to an end. However, major figures relating to the case are now starting to speak out about the decision.

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Asian Doll and YNW Melly Respond To Lul Tim News

Asian Doll, the partner of King Von, made bombshell allegations about the decision. Doll had been very vocal about the fallout of Von's death. In a now-deleted tweet, Doll claimed that there was something bigger at play. "Because the police said Tim ain't kill him, the police did," Doll wrote. Elsewhere, Doll hit out at people bringing up Von in interviews. “N*ggas doing all these interviews about King Von look goofy asl,” Asian Doll expressed with disdain on the social media platform. “Speaking on open cases & telling stories he never told is top of the line snitch shit. He ain’t condone shit he’ll cut a mf off for. Y’all n*ggas forever bitches to me & never stood on business. I hate n*ggas who don’t stand on business allot lil boy. Shit dead we like grown men that get shit done over here."

Elsewhere, YNW Melly's mother compared Lul Tim to her son's case. "Meanwhile, the state of Florida is trying to give Melly the death penalty without a gun or witness and a Mistrial !! This is wild." It was announced earlier this week that the judge in Melly's case had made a ruling stating that a death penalty ruling no longer needed to be unanimous. Instead, Melly could receive the death penalty on an 8-4 jury vote. Boosie Badazz has also spoken out on this development, expressing great displeasure about the decision. The story surrounding Lul Tim is a developing one. We'll have any updates if and when they emerge.

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