Jayda Cheaves Claps Back At Summer Walker

The feud continues.

BYBen Mock
Jayda's "Grind Pretty" Cover Release Dinner

Jayda Cheaves and Summer Walker have been at each other's throats for weeks now. It all stems from Walker's now-ended relationship with Lil Meech. Meech reportedly cheated on Walker, and while breaking up with Meech, Walker had taken shots at Cheaves. "Tried my best to be Jayda Wayda but I couldn't. It was cute though, I wish him the best. Can't do that cheatin shit." Now, once again, Cheaves has taken another shot, seemingly at Walker. While on Live, an intoxicated Cheaves said she was about to "be on her head like Summer Walker." The line referred to Walker's now-viral pictures of her doing a handstand surrounded by cash.

Walker's stray for Cheaves got a lot of backlash. “I don’t think Summer meant it like that,” one user chimed in. “But it would have been best to not name-drop, especially if y’all are cool?” they added. But now Cheaves is trying to take the high road, responding to the allegations and clapping back in a way that will hopefully take her out of the drama for good. Check out her response to all the ongoing drama below.

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Cheaves Wants Her Name Out Of People's Mouths

"I learned my lesson after ONE kid. Mfers round here starting they own trends and tryna INSERT ME in for laughs on the shade room. No," Cheaves wrote on Instagram. The post comes just a few days after Cheaves went suns out, buns out in the Caribbean. Cheaves rocked a sheer bodysuit with a beautiful pink and blue feather adornment while celebrating Carnival in Antigua and Barbuda.

It's clear that Walker is hurting and took an easy shot at an "easy" target. However, Cheaves is making it clear that she's not about that life. She just wants to be living hate-free, without any of this prolonged drama. And good for her - why should she have to fuel the fire and get dragged into something that is clearly going to make villains of everyone involved? Cheaves is just trying to live her life and yet she has people trying to drag her into drama at every turn.


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