The events that have transpired this week in Houston have been incredibly devastating. The death toll has risen has the damage on cities in Texas, particularly Houston, mounts. Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes, seeking shelter and safety from the elements in overcrowded venues and, most recently, the now-open Lakewood Church, which was formerly a basketball stadium. In response to the horrific images that have been captured, both on TV and social media, many of hip-hop’s biggest celebrities have stepped up and made sizable donations to organizations that are dedicated to helping all survivors and evacuees from the storm’s aftermath. Two new names can be added to the list as of this writing: Diddy and Jamie Foxx.

Mr. Combs posted a video on his Instagram page, detailing that he has made a $25,000 donation towards the relief effort. He also commended Kevin Hart for his initiative in starting up a social media movement that has gotten a lot of celebrities involved over the past three-plus days. He added that everyone should take a queue from Hart and donate what you can or help in any way possible and give to those in such dire need across the the states of Texas and Louisiana. You can check out his video below.

Jamie Foxx made a similar post, acknowledging that he too has anted up some money for the cause. He encouraged everyone to once again donate to organizations who are involved in the Hurricane Harvey relief effort, including a link in his profile bio that makes it quick and easy for his followers to give what they can. He also teased a telethon that he’s helping put together, which is set to take place on September 12th. None of the details about the upcoming event were divulged by Foxx in the video, but he said that more details will be broadcast in some fashion when they become available. It’s another outpouring of support from a music community that boasts DJ Khaled, Chris Brown and others as individuals who have already demonstrated their generosity through these gestures of support.


Diddy, Jamie Foxx Help Houston By Making Donations