Just when the public scope of the beef between Trippie Redd and Tekashi 6ix9ine began to simmer down on account of the other Internet conflicts that seem to take up so much of 6ix9ine’s time these days, the two rappers were back at it again Saturday in a series of back and forth posts within a matter of hours.

It all began when 6ix9ine took to Instagram to address the resurgence of New York hip-hop in the last couple of years, noting the dominance of regions like Atlanta, South Florida, and the West Coast during periods in which the cradle of hip-hop civilization waned in its output of mainstream stars. In the now-deleted post he tagged a slew of artists that included the likes of Joey Badass, A Boogie, Jay Critch, and Young M.A. among a host of others.

One fan popped up below in the comments to criticize 6ix9ine’s shortlist writing, “Loser…where is @trippieredd he made you.” Soon enough, Trippie would respond to the smoke signal and let loose on a lengthy response that he confirmed was partly induced by alcohol.

“tbh idc but he should pay homage cause he wouldn’t be sh-t without me,” Trippie wrote. “I set the beef shit aside but I gave dude a name and he should be happy and showing me mad love cause without @trippieredd he wouldn’t have no billoard hits or nun.”

6ix9ine would soon hop back on the social platform with another video, laying out all of his accomplishments and challenging Trippie’s stating, “You don’t got the power to make somebody if you can’t make yourself.”

Trippie then replied with his own response in video. “I have platinum and gold records. I just don’t make a skit on the Internet about it […] If somebody put you on, you give credit where it’s due […] I helped you. If I would have never gave you the light of day, you wouldn't be nobody right now. You'd be in Brooklyn, broke as fuck, working at the deli again."

Things got even more interesting when Trippie revealed that he is allegedly set to receive a finder’s fee in August for bringing 6ix9ine to the label under which both artists are signed, run by Elliot Grainge. In two videos, Trippie broke down that his discovery of 6ix9ine led his to his receipt of 10 percent on the Brooklyn rapper’s earnings. His reason for not being so public about it and not showing off paperwork that confirms this deal, he adds, is due to confidentiality as making such documentation public would be a breach of contract. Catch the rest of the videos below and chime in with your thoughts on this ongoing battle.