All hell broke loose after Tekashi 6ix9ine jumped into the crowd at his most recent concert in Florida. The highly controversial rapper booked one of his first live shows since his release from prison last weekend, diving into the audience and instantly regretting his decision. The rapper was wearing $2 million worth of jewelry and after fans started yanking at his chains, one of them fell to the ground. Security quickly scooped up the expensive piece but 6ix9ine ended up losing his hat in the scuffle. 

According to DJ Akademiks, one of 6ix9ine's close friends, the rapper's stolen hat is presently up for sale on eBay for a pretty ridiculous price. The blue St. Louis Cardinals cap was allegedly swiped by somebody who is trying to catch a quick lick off of it. It has reportedly been posted on eBay where it's currently being auctioned off for $15,000. There are forty-nine active bids on the hat, so it's clear that some people are still interested in getting some 6ix9ine memorabilia.

There likely isn't a way to verify if this is actually the hat that 6ix9ine wore at the show. The rapper is performing another concert in Miami this weekend, where he will probably be a little more cautious before jumping into the crowd with millions of dollars worth of jewelry on his body.