Tekashi 6ix9ine has been eager to prove to the hip-hop community and the streets alike that he's still valid despite being one of the most controversial figures in the game, perhaps of all time. He was able to avoid a potential minimum sentence of 47 years in his high-profile RICO case by cooperating with the feds, effectively earning him the title of a "rat." 

A huge security risk for any venue to take on given his position in hip-hop, on Friday night (April 23), the Tier Nightclub in Orlando welcomed 6ix9ine to hit the stage for the first time since leaving prison. While he previously expressed excitement for the show and how it turned out, TMZ reports the affair was cut short when frenzied fans got a bit aggressive with 6ix9ine after he hopped into the crowd. 

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Power 105.1

Bragging on his Instagram story while flexing his backend payment and the $2 million worth of jewelry he was iced out in, he mocked people who doubted he would ever be able to make such a public appearance again. "$2 million in jewelry jumped into the crowd," wrote the disgraced rapper over a shot of the chains and rings. 

He continued to boast by sharing footage of the crowd jumping, adding mockingly in the caption again, "'He NoT GonNa bE Able tO cOmE ouTsiDE' JUMPED IN THE CROWD WITH ALL MY JEWELRY 2,000,000 WORTH. REAL LIFE > THE INTERNET. If you mad just say that don’t @ me." 

According to TMZ, however, after 6ix9ine jumped from the VIP balcony of the venue into the crowd, he grew annoyed when someone knocked off his hat and others started grabbing at the chains around his neck. He asked for people to cool it, but according to a fan in attendance, one of the chains fell to the ground.

Security was able to quickly swept it up, however, the show abruptly ended afterward. The rapper's lawyer tells the publication, however, that he was happy with the show and did not lose any of his jewelry. 

He added he did not believe there would be a threat his security could not have handled. Nonetheless, it was still pretty risky. What are your thoughts? Let us know down below.