There is much going on in the world, and Tekashi 6ix9ine took a moment to address a few things on Instagram. The controversial rapper has been a whirlwind on social media over the last few weeks, and he's back with more, this time with his good friend DJ Akademiks by his side. The pair were on Instagram live together for nearly an hour as they chatted about the industry, shared a split-screen with fans, and called out rappers. There encounter is sure to rub a few people the wrong way, but that's never deterred either 6ix9ine or Akademiks from speaking their minds.

They covered much during their exchange, including making a bet that if 6ix9ine sold more than Lil Uzi Vert, Akademiks had to delete his Instagram. The friends also discussed rappers reaching out to 6ix9ine privately to do songs with him while publicly treating him as if he's a pariah. Akademiks also asked 6ix9ine about one-hit wonders and mentioned names like YK Osiris, BlocBoy JB, and Blueface. 6ix9ine had to inquire about all of the rappers because he acted as if he didn't know who they were and asked if Blueface was "the kid with the fake watches."

During the conversation, 6ix9ine also chatted about his lyrical content, specifically the bars about not snitching. He also mentioned that once he decided to testify against his associates, he never looked back. Check out the video in its entirety below.