6ix9ine announced this the release of his new single and accompanying music video will be pushed back once again, "out of respect for what we are going through right now." Last week, two days before he was set to drop said music video, the "GOOBA" rapper decided to delay the release until the following week on Friday, June 5th. The reason for this delay was simply because the music video was not ready yet, but the recently incarcerated rapper just broke the news today (June 3rd) that he'll be rescheduling the release once more due to the current state of the world. "Music video will be pushed back again to June 12th," 6ix9ine wrote on Instagram. "Out of respect for what we are going through right now."


"It’s not the time for a music video right now with everything going on in the world," he explained in the caption, referring to the nationwide protests against racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's murder. "It will be extremely selfish. JUNE 12TH NEXT FRIDAY." 6ix9ine recently addressed George Floyd's death, offering his "deepest condolences to the Floyd family" while acknowledging that, legally, he still "can't speak on certain topics," likely those pertaining to police brutality.