Cardi B's Microphone From Infamous Incident Hits Auction Block

Cardi B's mic is on the auction block.

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In the aftermath of an intense interaction between Cardi B and an audience member, the microphone-turned-projectile is on eBay. The winner of this now-famous piece of equipment will have a cool backstory to tell their friends. Even better though, the proceeds are being split with two charities. Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which is where Cardi B performed, and the Wounded Warrior Project. The microphone is on eBay's website for about a week and it currently is sitting at around $50,000.

The man responsible for this great deed is the owner of The Wave in Sin City, Scott Fisher. It is the audio production company that gave Cardi B her equipment. Fisher spoke with TMZ about the unmistakability of the mic. "It was pretty easy to track down the mic after the show because the white tape across the bottom of it says "MAIN." His company is a large supporter of the nightclub scene in Las Vegas. If someone was looking to purchase this particular microphone, it runs the customer $1,000.

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Debacle With A Happy Ending

Cardi B took the stage at Drai's Nightclub on July 30 in blistering heat. The temperature reached 105 degrees and performing can be obviously very draining. So, it was reported by TMZ and numerous other sources that Cardi was asking fans to cool her off with water and ice during her show. One fan took that a little too aggressively and tossed her drink at the rapper. The fan filed a report for battery, but the situation now has a lighter undertone, with two charities receiving the divided final price of the mic.

The Wounded Warrior Project donates, "simple care and comfort items to the hospital bedsides of the first wounded service members returning home from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan." The other organization is Friendship Circle Las Vegas. Their mission, "provides a fully-inclusive and non-judgemental environment that nurtures relationships and helps to create lifelong friendships for individuals with disabilities." Be sure to let us know your thoughts on this whole situation below and stay locked in with HNHH for all the latest news and updates.

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