Floyd Mayweather Claims To Have Seen 2Pac's Murder

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Mayweather made the claim in a 2014 interview.

“Who killed Tupac Shakur?” is one of the biggest questions in the true crime community. On the night of September 7, 1996, Shakur was killed in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. The incident followed Shakur’s attendance at a Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand, where a member of a rival gang had been spotted in the lobby after the fight. Shakur, along with Suge Knight and his crew, assaulted the rival gang member before leaving. At 11:15pm, while stopped at a red light, a gunman opened fire from a white Cadillac. Tupac was hit four times and later died from his injuries.

While Allen Hughes claims that the question was "never a mystery", there has been renewed interest in the case in recent weeks. Police raided the home of the ex-wife of the uncle of Orlando Anderson. Anderson was the gang member Shakur fought at the Tyson fight and is widely believed to be 2Pac's killer. Duane "Keef D" Davis claims that he was in the car with Anderson at the time of 2Pac's murder. However, the renewed interest has led to more claims being made.

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Mayweather Claims To Have Witnessed 2Pac Murder

In a recently unearthed clip from a 2014 interview, boxer Floyd Mayweather claims to have been an eyewitness of Tupac's murder. “I pulled up beside 2Pac, pulled up right here. They shot 2Pac at this light and the car went that way,” Mayweather claims in the clip. “I was living right here in 1996 when 2Pac got killed. I ain’t never told nobody. Only the closest people with me know.” Mayweather was 19 at the time of 2Pac's murder and would make his professional boxing debut a little over a month later.

However, it's not the only uncovered footage relating to the case. A video from the night of the murder has also appeared online. It appears to show 2Pac interacting with friends and fans "moments" before his murder. However, there is some skepticism about the footage. 2Pac was killed in a drive-by shooting as he and Suge Knight traveled back to 2Pac's hotel. However, the footage shows 2Pac mingling with fans on the street. How close the footage is exactly to his death remains to be seen.


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