Blueface Confuses Lady London & Lola Brooke While Defending Jaidyn Alexis From Former's Shady Tweet

Blueface's baby mama shared her second single, "Workout," earlier this week.

BYHayley Hynes
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It was rare to see Blueface stick his neck out for Chrisean Rock during their tumultuous relationship, but when it comes to his first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, the California native has been a ride or die lately. He's laser-focused on making his co-parent become a star in the public eye, which is obviously no easy task as they've built a relatively negative perception of her thanks to drama with Blue and his Cr*zy In Love co-star. Thankfully, Blue has become an expert at turning the world's hatred into cold hard cash throughout his own ups and downs – a skill he's now putting to use on Jaidyn's behalf.

Earlier this summer, the rising rap diva launched her music career with "Stewie," a play on haters' nickname for her. "I’ll be Stewie for that money / My first song bump and your coochie hella bumpy," are among the bars she and Blueface crafted together, getting them plenty of attention online. When she first performed the single live, Alexis was met with boos from some of the crowd. However, she's not letting that hold her back as she confidently previewed her next release online on Monday (July 24).

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Jaidyn Alexis Responds to Lady London's Diss

Reception to the snippet hasn't been particularly positive, especially not the message that came from another lyricist, Lady London. "D**n, studio time is wild expensive too," she quote tweeted Alexis' initial post. "Yea I seen [your] comment did HA HA," Blue's BM wrote on her Twitter page with a screenshot of the hate. Since then, her co-parent has also joined the conversation, however, he accidentally mixed up Jaidyn's latest rival with another female artist.

"You ain't gotta be no hater [Lola Brooke]," the 26-year-old tweeted this morning. "We not checking for you saying what we really think about YOUR music. Make yo lil raps in piece. Keep it pushing, but if you want to go back [and forth] with Jaidyn we can dedicate the next song to you [and] use you fr. You won't win this battle."

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Blueface Joins the Chat, Accidentally Drags in Lola Brooke

Keep scrolling to read how Blueface reacted to his accidental mix-up when defending Jaidyn Alexis' new single on Twitter. Do you think the mother of two sounds better on "Workout" than she did on "Stewie"? Let us know in the comments, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.


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